In 1971, Hugh O'Neil created POSTEN to enable rapid, detailed and efficient designs of Post-Tensioned and Reinforced Concrete structures.  Today POSTEN Engineering Systems provides this same power to you.


Some Features:

  • Design per ACI 318-14
  • Beams of prismatic and other cross sections, with either constant or variable cross sections
  • One and Two-Way slabs with drop panels and/or capitals
  • Spandrel beams and Torsinal beam design
  • Column design
  • Multistory design capabilities including ductile moment frame design
  • Features to allow finding the design that makes the most efficent use of materials including thinnest slab thickness or the most efficent tendon design to reduce the amount of steel
  • Efficient "wizard" graphic interface that walks you through the design steps
  • Clear and consice output that gives you what you need without excess data points
  • Integration with AutoCAD with AutoLISP routine to create tendon and rebar profiles instantaneously
  • Extended support agreement, version upgrades and CAD detail library available, call for details.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to adjust the drapes and prestress. You can’t do this with other programs.
— Owen O'Neil, Structural Engineer